Digital and mobile marketing


Is your
digital presence
good for business?

Digitization has changed the way we interact with brands and ultimately consume. It is necessary to adapt to the digital environment properly. With a good strategy of online communication we will reach our receptive audiences in media and will favor sales.


In ideaRed we design a unique and customized proposal that fits your needs.

 Your digital presence is appropriate?

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Web Analytics

We detect critical areas of your website to suggest improvements and solutions.

SEO Services

Optimizing your website will favor your position on the results of the search engines.

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Online reputation

Your online reputation is not entirely positive? We know why and help you improve your weaknesses.

Adaptation of the web to mobile devices

A responsive design of your web will facilitate access from any device your customers and promote your positioning in search engines.

Strategy and Management in Social Networks

What the appropriate value for your brand social networks are, we created a social media plan and manage its content.

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