E-commerce strategy


More visits
does not always
mean more sales

Do you have an online store? Need us to help you grow your business and increase the level of sales? In ideaRed you’ll find strategic solutions to evolve as your business.

Consumer habits are changing population and buying and selling online increased at a frantic pace . Therefore from ideaRed we accompany you on this business opportunity for both SMEs and large companies.

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Web Optimization

We analyze your online store and apply appropriate measures to expedite the checkout process improvements, always thinking of the user.

Improving Conversion Ratio

What percentage of your visitors become customers? We help to improve this percentage!

Support and Training

We support the management and development of your e-commerce in addition to train you so you can easily manage your own online store.

Integración PayPal

We integrate your e-commerce with the PayPal payment gateway.

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