We are an agency of strategic communication and digital marketing, composed of a strong team of people and a large network of collaborators. We are a network of professionals who are passionate about our clients’ challenges.


We accompany and advise our clients in the design and development of strategy and communication plan. We provide the best personalized, creative and innovative in order to improve your brand identity and/or product and your relationship with your target audience solutions.



We act through what we call the three-pronged approach, ie, guiding our work from the 3 areas of knowledge that we dominate, and extended to a fourth focused on social networking area:


1) From knowledge and business management.
Our goal is to know and understand the company they work for. We analyze the needs of each brand and properly adjust to a communication strategy to ensure effective results.


2) From knowledge in Information Technology and Communication.
Technologically savvy (Microsoft registered members, members of the ICT map of Catalonia, experts OpenSource)


3) Marketing and Communication.
We start with the marketing strategy and particular communication of each project.


4) Social networks and online communities management.
We analyze which networks are most appropriate for each company and manage and dynamize to create an open dialogue with the target audience and enhance brand image.




Director & Project Manager


Carles Sanabre has a professional experience of over 20 years in interactive communication , web design and digital marketing.

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