Digital and web strategy

We define the web strategy
of your business

Web development
based on your needs

Need help getting more visitors to your site?

In ideaRed we analyze the current situation of your business on the Internet (website, e- commerce…) and we propose realistic solutions for your business, always adapting to your needs and budget available.


The Website Canvas Model is a conceptual, graphic and visual representation of the systems or processes that occur in a website. This system analyzes and explains said site.

The Website Canvas Model identifies the key aspects for the success of a web project such as the relationship with customers, weaknesses of the competition, value proposition … In addition, it shows guidelines for the creation of new websites (of similar subject) and aspects that can be improved.


Whenever we develop a website we rely on client needs and objectives.

We ask the following question: What is the purpose of the website? Getting customers, traffic, sales, publicize the brand, report … According to the desired web design and site architecture will be different objective.

In addition to customer needs and goals , we focus on the user. The web has to provide an optimal user experience and optimal usability and accessibility. It is no use to attract users to our website and to immediately abandon it. We must ensure that users are not lost and easily find what they came for.

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We define what position does your brand in the minds of your target audience in relation to your competitors.

Benchmarking of competition

We analyze the strategies and actions of your competitors for improvement, differentiate and get one step ahead.

Digital strategic plan

Having a strategy and set realistic goals will help to change the course of your business and get better results.

WPO optimization

Internet is a medium that is based on the immediacy and your visitors or potential customers expect that your website has the best performance. If a website is not fast enough you may lose visitors and customers. We analyze and optimize your website so that it is up to the expectations of its customers.


Web Analytics

You have fulfilled the purpose of your website? Through web analytics you will see your web traffic, how users find you and which pages are most visited. We can see in real time if your goals have been met successfully.