First Banners   A year before we start, appeared the first banners giving way to a new era of digital advertising. Carles Sanabre (Director of ideaRed) conducted extensive research “The Banner. Analysis, objectives, effectiveness, design, and planning message on the Internet” in which, curiously, the


First websites by Sanabre   Since the beginning of our agency, we wanted to be present at the forefront of new trends in information and communications technology (ICT). In 1995, when Internet awoke in Spain, we developed our first web for Mobles Quer. A static informative


CD-ROM El Mundo del Cava   The agency was honored to be a pioneer in making joint advertising on CD-ROM. This ad was on the synergy of several companies to advertise sectoral level. “El mundo del cava” collected the most significant and relevant content about this product.


Web Directory   geriatrica.com was a site where data relevant to seniors as residential addresses, referral services and information for businesses, professionals and companies collected geriatrics. We were pioneers in implementing dynamic web where the user could now interact with the database in different sections


Google launches search engine   Yes, that Google was in 1998. Evolving into a more streamlined design, it would become the most used search engine worldwide, and therefore have an important role in digital marketing.  


UOC – UPC   Carles Sanabre collaborated in defining the curriculum of the Graduate Multimedia UOC – UPC.    


Creating Magma3   Sanabre with Alejandra Carles Ferrer and Albert Corral, create Magma3, the first interactive agencies in Spain. Monumedia 2000 Award finalist for www.vallderibes.com  


Award in the Ibero American Festival of Advertising Communication   We won 1 silver sun at the San Sebastian Advertising Festival. Jesus Peiro corporate website.  


Participation in Anuaria Awards 2002 Anuaria Awards 2002 finalist for www.perfumeriasana.com


Participation in Anuaria Awards 2003   Finalist in Anuaria Awards 2003 with Test d’interessos professionals Porta 22. Barcelona Activa   Premio Interactiva Digital Grupo Edipo-Madrid   Best non-profit campaign


New York Awards   Carles Sanabre participated as a judge in the New York Awards


We developed the first E-Commerce  


First Iphone   From here the smartphones have been gaining prominence in our lives by changing the way we interact with brands and opening up innovative ways to reach consumers.  


Nestlé Food Pyramid Game   Game / interactive application of the food pyramid for Ubiqua agency. The game, aimed at events and fairs, has a record of users.     Access to the game


Instituto de Marketing Online Carles Sanabre collaborated in the definition of all higher education courses and all courses of Superior Dual Degrees.


Banca ética Campaign  


Publifestival Awards 2012 Award for Best Spot for Banca Ética  


Development of Social Network naRural  


Research – Website Canvas Model Article   Publifestival award for Best Corporate Report