FETS (Banca Ética)


FETS-Financiación Ética y Solidaria is a second-level association grouping Catalan Third Sector and the Social and Solidarity Economy, who want to promote ethical and solidarity finance in our country. Since its inception in 1999, works to scroll FETs ethical banking that goes beyond an idea or a project eternal and that is something tangible and real.


To FETs conducted a Communication Plan adapted to the needs of the association. We created a press office ad-hoc to publicize the Banking Ethics in the media and the general population. We also design a strategy in Social Media and energized our Community Manager and managed the different social profiles.


We held a advertising campaign in different media (TV, radio, print and Internet) where we produced a great TV spot that received the award for Best Spot of Social Advertising PubliFestival. In addition, we produced a documentary series called Capital Humà where experiences of cooperatives financed Ethical Banking were collected, got a Bartering in TV3 channel 33 and is available at YouTube. One chapter, Albera, was awarded in the Festival de vídeo SICOM and la Diputació de Barcelona sobre la cooperació.


The results were very favorable in publicity, achieving more than 100 positive mentions/strong> in the form of articles, some double-page and cover story featured in media such as La Vanguardia, El País, El Periódico de Catalunya, Diari Ara, El Punt Avui, La Razón, El Mundo and reports en TV3, La Sexta, Catalunya Ràdio, Cadena SER, Rac 1, Vilaweb, BTV, etc.


Proudly got the primary objective was to increase significantly the degree of knowledge of the concept of ethical banking which rose from 20% to 80 % and secondly , the number of clients of the entities of ethical banking grew dramatically with 54% increase in loans in 2011 while in 2012 increased 23 % savings deposits and 22% lending.


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