Coop-TIC Project

Carles Sanabre, director of ideaRed participates in this international project is developed in Belgium, France and Spain.


The project Coop-Tic knowledge transfer participemos the hands of school cooperatives Aposta and Federació de Cooperatives de Treball de Catalunya.


Funded through the Leonardo da Vinci program of the European Union, the project Coop-Tic focuses on exploring new methods of collaborative work to promote exchange and participation among participants. Tic-Coop will last two years and is based on a model of knowledge transfer focused on the formation of a team that , in turn, form new candidates.


Aposta, Cooperative Business School is driving Coop-Tic with Outils-Réseaux, a partnership between teachers and informatics from Montpellier and CRIE de Mouscron, in Belgium, composed of specialists in environmental education.

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