Educational Marketing


We help you
to increase your
student enrollment

In ideaRed we specialize in Educational Marketing services and communication for organizations of the field of teaching , do you need us advise you ?

We help to identify needs, increase satisfaction, student recruitment plan, improve positioning, develop communication actions… All this to enhance your image and reputation and/or increase enrollment.

We define your communication strategy and marketing activities necessary to get more notoriety and visibility. We design and implement virtual campus and act as technical support for those responsible for the online campus or training activities.

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Educational Marketing online

Communication and marketing plans, social networks, community management, web development, usability and accessibility, improved conversions, e-mail marketing...

Soporte técnico

Implementación y desarrollo de campus virtuales, WBT, CBT, SCORM, software de autoría para WBT, sistemas de incidencias, mantenimiento técnico, mejoras en el campus y sistemas, componentes, seguridad…

Pedagogical support

Consulting, teaching plan, authorship, methodologies, teaching resources, evaluation systems, forms and styles of learning, PLE (Personal Learning Plan)...