Legal aspects on the website


80% of firms
don't comply with the
data protection laws

The laws that affect businesses and organizations change. Not only the legal aspects of business formation, salary, contracts, etc. Also all aspects that affect your web, social networks, emails, etc.


Go against the law you can be very expensive


In ideaRed we are aware of the new requirements that arise when making a web, send newsletters or even an email. Need advice? We’ll put you up to date quickly.

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Cookies policy

The regulations require inform users if surfing a page that installs cookies and explain why and by whom. It is not an option. We update your policy!

Data protection law

This law aims to guarantee and protect, regarding the treatment of personal data, public freedoms and fundamental rights. Make sure you meet the rules!


The ``Law of Services of the Information Society and electronic commerce`` regulates the legal status of these practices. We are up to date and help fulfill it.